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Tale of the legend as his his hop-soaked pallet


…have always loved beer as a wee nipper. I was influenced by my old man and older brother who would taste and discuss a new ale weekly during the Friday night Sabbath meal. A few years later and a shining proud member of CAMRA (Campaign for real ale) in my native UK, and my own knowledge and tastes somewhat matured. I love single malt whisky too, but you cant regularly get to taste the same variety as you can with beers…unless you are very lucky (I know some that do and I both admire and hate them for it; you know who you are!).

This was all well and good so long I was still in the UK, but what I thought was a huge personal sacrifice on the ale front by moving to Israel 5 years ago, was actually also around the time micro breweries were properly starting to take off here. I like to think G-d was watching over me.

So in recent years I have watched the industry grow, take a bit of a battering along the way by the disgraceful people in charge of taxing this group of honest people, and then in spite of that and other obstacles, continue to grow. These days some of the Israeli craft beers are nothing short of masterpieces and I know I am not the only admirer to be continuously surprised  by the whole thing. Experts far far more expert than myself have visited and left glowing reports (I consider myself passionate yet still in the enjoyment stage of finding positives in most my beers rather than the overly critical reviews of a seasoned beer belly).

The Idea

…came to me one night while enjoying a very thick IPA. The half pint seemed to have been soaked in hops for about a century and had a handful of yeast blitzed in to it with a kenwood. Although unique for an ale and certainly one from the holy land, I was thoroughly enjoying it and pondering about this and that, when the idea sort of burped right out of me.

I must share my enjoyment so that others may know my notes and give it a bash themselves. Most noble and generous too I thought. The problems in doing so were thus:

1) I didn’t have too many mates that would appreciate it.
2) It was 12:23am
3) I only had the one bottle and I certainly wasn’t about to share! 

Nothing to do I supposed but to finish the thing on my tod and possibly write a Facebook post about it which no-doubt the large majority of ‘friends’ wouldn’t have given a damn about.

What I really needed, I pondered further while leaning back and going in for another gulp, was a forum whereby interested individuals of the age old craft would at least hear me out and offer feedback and where I could welcome offensive slurs, happy to know someone had read what I had to say…

Well if I was going to write about it, then I am going to film about it too. And I’m going to visit breweries. And I’m going to meet important and good looking people. And I’m going to have guest reviews. And I am going to attempt my first home brew. And I am going to try inform people of the Israeli beer scene, news and events. And finally I was going to do all of this while making sure I was having good laugh at the same time!


…please join me, I would love to hear from you too… blog@beerisrael.com (also on facebook, twitter, youtube).


My name is Moish.