Taekwonbeer, Field of Hops 4.3%

Taekwonbeer, Field of Hops 4.3%

When I met Alex at the Ranana beerfest (hosted by Shenkin pub sponsored by Beer and Beyond) I was once again struck by the pure simplicity of it all. Yes there is a growing beer scene in Israel, I’ve been banging on about that to anyone who would give me half a chance. This includes variations of branding and identities, beer styles and ingredients, large and smaller scale brew houses; to home kits. But there is something about a name like ‘Taekonbeer’ which seems so refreshingly bizarre that you really don’t need Alex to be standing in front of you explaining whats behind the name. To elaborate further, if your a guy who has a passion for good beer and also for shouting ancient Asian war cries while flinging your limbs about the place with deadly efficiency – then why not bung some malt, and other ingredients into a pot and start sharing the love?

For Alex, it really is that simple. Add to the equation time to get the recipe right, experimenting with some other styles, a bit of cash for bottling and a British dude with a remarkable beer tooth and excellent writing skills…and here we are, tasting the “Field of Hops” – an American Pale Ale (APA).


First off, I must express satisfaction at getting a full pint. I know the mechanics of running a brewery in Israel mean that 330ml bottles are the norm, but for whatever reason, this one was not and I appreciated it greatly. You will get a cloudy bronzed body with evidence of yeast floating about and sticking to the bottom. This beer has a lovely creamy whipped head; stubborn as hell so be prepared to wipe it off your nose when you get to drinking. I love that :)


Good hoppy aroma, very pale ale. Citrus, elder-flower and kumquat (if I spelled that right!)


Going on the assumption that the bitterness of an APA should be somewhere between a regular Pale Ale and an Indian Pale Ale, the jury is still out on “Field of hops”. This means that in my opinion the thermometer fell much closer to the Pale Ale than than the IPA, but I know there will be critics to express difference and claim to know beers in all 3 categories which mark all over the scale. I suppose this rather amounts to excitement for beer geeks. But for the rest of you, look out for the following:

Mouthfuls packed with fruity Citrus, hops, only a touch of bitterness. The kind of beer that is so fresh and sweet that your pint risks becoming a half-pint all too soon.


This is not a strong beer, its actually quite mild which makes it enjoyable both the beer fanatics and the more casual beer drinkers. I am glad I got a full pints worth of this beer, not to labour the point, but maybe the bigger breweries should be taking a leaf out of Alex’s book…between the pages about flooring your opponent with a single blow, and fermentation processes!


4.3% alc
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