PAVO Pils – 5%

PAVO Pils – 5%

Making a good Pilsner ale is not a simple task. It’s actually one of the earlier beer styles dating back to mid 1800’s. So there is plenty competition out there and plenty of time for good nature’d humans to have honed the method which now the general beer enjoying community worldwide defines as a ‘decent’ ‘Pils’. Such is the popularity of this particular style worldwide, it presents a problem for anyone getting it wrong…they will most certainly stand out like a sore thumb.

So with fingers crossed (not thumbs) when trying this PAVO Pils 5% that they have done us proud, I poured, I smelled, I down it…and thankfully they did not disappoint. I would however stop short at calling this effort an ‘all rounder’. No, you must remember that Pilsner beer uses Lager yeast. My recommendation for this drink is strictly in a place where you can feel the warm sun on your skin.

Disclaimer: If your anything like me and burn up shortly after 7 mins and some seconds…please look after yourself.


Medium dark straw, bubbly and fresh but thicker and dense…a dried lips kind of anticipation. Tilt the glass to form a lovely dense cream head.


Far more hoppy than expected but lots of that fresh soaked graininess. Again desert air of Israel compliments this kind of wiffing.


All the usual flavours you would expect to find in a Pils, inc. a burst of dried sweet fruit. But the timing of the bitterness on the tongue was rewarding yet strange. For the first half glass I wasn’t sure if it was coming or going, starting or finishing. Oh, it definitely lingered on the tongue, but maybe when you expect it to fade a little, it just refuses to. This inevitably leads to another mouthful, and its all over far too soon.


And If you enjoy a good release of oxygen in that acceptable manner of the seasoned beer drinker…you will quite literally knock yourself out.

My advice – take another bottle with you to the beach, the first one never seems to be quite enough, and that is testament indeed to this very rewarding effort.

Take a bow, Pavo bird type thing on the label….


5% alc per 330 ml bottle
PAVO is based in Zichron Ya’akov and well worth the visit. The views are stunning (I will be writing a feature just on the brewery at a later date)

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