Malka IPA (India Pale Ale) – 6.2%

Malka IPA (India Pale Ale) – 6.2%

If you had taken a moment to read about your esteemed blogger, then you will recall mention of an IPA being swigged from (is there such a word?) which served as the catalyst to this website. I aim now to pay homage to this remarkable ale, by bumping it to the top of the list and publishing my thoughts on it first and foremost before the many other deserving Israeli beers I have been swigging from recently (I am sure that is a word!).

If you have not had a peak at the aforementioned page, do so at your leisure.

Although being quite well acquainted with the Malka IPA ‘Hindu Queen’ since its recent release earlier this year, I made sure to stock up on it over the recent Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) Holiday, to refresh both the memory and Palate. 6 Bottles in total and I simply could not get enough. Here’s why….


It pours a fast bronze thick rusty colour with a semi fizz almost immediately evaporating the head. Certainly none of the stout characteristic’s found in many IPA’s these days.


Take an under-ripe grapefruit and get your wife, partner, female friend, to put her manicured nails to use and scratch at the skins surface. Then ask her to repeat the procedure with a lemon but with far less vigor, and then once more with a bar of dark chocolate. Back to the grapefruit for one last rub and that is how I imagine a cocktail of fragrances quite literally at your fingertips, which would tangibly present this MAGNIFICENT aroma.


This is where the taste buds nod their little heads unanimous approval of their cousins upstairs in the nasal department. The taste quite remarkably represent everything you have enjoyed of the aromas and adds a number of new dimensions. (1) it adds a honey and caramel sweetness (2) it knows the exact point at which to reward your senses with the optimum amount of bitterness and (3) the texture of the liquid is thick but not too much so. It still has sufficient amount of air in it for…


Most enjoyable.


I love this beer. People tend to be of the opinion that IPA’s are generally seasonal beers, but I disagree. This beer can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. but no better time than on Rosh Hashona celebrating the new year.
Go out and buy a bottle and let me know what you think.



6.2% alc per 330ml bottle
3 carefully chosen types of hops used (so far kept under wraps as to which these are exactly)


For those new to Malka Beers – I will be doing a bit about them a little later on and will hopefully be able to score a tête-à-tête with the boys behind the kegs themselves. They are all the way up north in the Yehiam, so designated drivers are asked to pop their CV’s in an email.

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