Galil, Saison , 7.0% – מבשלת הגליל

Galil, Saison , 7.0% – מבשלת הגליל
Today we take the trip to one of the most beautiful spots in Israel, the famous Gallilee. Here it is claimed a number of biblical miracles have taken place including that one where the sea served a a very long invisible diving board for a certain someone. Now, in modern day Israel, and a bit further north-west to the very heart of the Gallilee, more my kind of miracle has been going on for the past few years. Drink enough of this type of miracle, and you may just start seeing those biblical ones yourself. If your still not following…its beer. Yes, beer is brewed in Kibutz Moran, Gallilee, Israel.


The particular specimen I am sampling tonight is the Galil “SAISON”. For those less familiar with this particular style of craft beer, skim your eyes over the below for a quick round-up.


“Saison” is ze French word for ‘season’, adapted as a beer style resulting from being brewed in the winter season in parts of Belgium (Wallonia) where ze French inhabited. Modern Saison beers being brewed globally, would be using malts and possibly yeast and hops (not sure) from these same areas.


Right, off we go…




lovely thick but slightly pale honey but not much head. That was gone in a flash.




Tropical I think. Not too unlike a lot of wheat beers (this is not a wheat beer). Lemon dish soap from a far distance?




This was actually thicker than expected. I was expecting more zip on the tongue but it felt heavier and more pleasant and smooth than that. Definitely tasting the bitter notes but on a quite mild scale, certainly not overpowering and sort of holding at a distance and allowing a distinct spiciness to kick in and take center stage.


If this is going to be your first Saison beer taste, then I would try and imagine a thicker pale ale with lots more spice and alcohol. Galil has done a great job with this so don’t look further than this bottle for when you do.




I have always known that the Saison brewing method with the yeast differs slightly than the norm, but I have no idea how exactly. For this I am going to take a trip up and visit the brewery myself and see if they will let me in on their secrete. Fingers Crossed…or not! too much of that stuff for one article ;)




7.0% Alc per 330ml


Galil Brewery produces at least 5 more types of beers one of which is a Pumbkin ale which I am srather dying to taste. I think though, that I might only be able to do so by taking the long trip up and ordering it straight from the tap in their cosey gastro-pub surrounded by breathtaking scenery. The website offers a glimpse in the gallery page, and a visit has, as off tonight, leaped up the to-do this year list. I wont be worrying about the drive home, Kibutz Moran even has some charming B&B’s for me to sleep it off in.


p.s. Did you see the bangers and meat?


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